Dog Sweaters 
CUSTOM MADE DESIGNS AVAILABLE.. Email me to discuss your design preference.  Below are a few examples of various designs, but by no means the only choices. Priorty mail postage and insurance will be added to the price of the sweaters. .Any design can be done in your color choice. Email me regarding any design you have in mindClick the button for instructions on how to measure your dog. 
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Captain of the Sea
Any color choice.

You may send me an email to inquire about custom sweaters or fill out the order form and inquire in the comments section and I will get back to you by return email. Most custom work will be done for the same prices as listed above.  They can be done in the yarn color and sweater style of your choice or I can suggest a variety of styles and custom designs. From time to time I make new designs and make the available for immediate sale. Keep checking back for new designs. I also knit & sell baby items and other gift items.  Contact me with inquiries.
Harness Heart
Shih Tzu with skirt     $50
Customed Designed for Skittles & Jelly. Click here to see them model their sweaters.
Valentine Flirty Skirt
LetterMan or Miss
Can add a flirty skirt or ruffle skirt to hers.
Aran Cable Design - $50.00 (Small)
Email for larger images
Heart  & Initial Designs
Can be done in any color and hearts can be arranged in many ways. All can have harness openings. Dress up your babe for Valentines in a red and white heart design. $35 & up depending on size and design
up to 30 lb dog
Sweetheart Yorkie
Email for larger images 
Miss Sweetheart Yorkie
Sweetheart Yorkie 
(no skirt)
Varsity Cheerleader
Any color combo
Small $40
Jr. Varsity 
(No ruffle)
Any color combo
Small $30
Southern Belle
Small: $40
Stud Muffin
<<Mohair Minx >>
Made from an exquisite Mohair Blend yarn and eyelash fur trim. Hand washable and lay flat to dry. Other color choices available.
Without skirt: $45
With skirt: $50
Schnauzer can be done in your pet's color.
More Schnauzer Designs
Miss Flame
$45 & up (Size)

Miss Park Avenue
$55.00 with hat
Cocoa Mink
All sweaters can have an Open Collar orTurtleneck. Most can have a harness opening depending on size and design.
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Tactical Teddy
Sweaters can be plain or with military emblem.Emal for Details
Captain Cocoa
Winter Snowman Scene
$45 up (Size)

Design Examples - almost any good clear image can be made into a knitting pattern
Big Paw design -
any color
Whippet Design with snood & belt- $90-$120
Decorative buttons at neck (for show) and belt closure on Whippet Design
Scarf for you to match your dog's sweater
 $65 & up depending on design
Pockets on the back (mouseover) 
Email for more design choices. Also available with Bobble trim 
Miss Flame & Hat Set
$55 & up (Size)
 Hat Alone $15.00
Lace Dress (mouseover) 

Tuxedo Sweater (mouseover) 

Ski Sweater $45 (small)
 White Tuxedo Sweater 
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Nautical Teddy Tee Sweater
$60 (small)
Boat Neck Design
Can be made with skirt for girls as show on Yorkie sweater below   $65.00
 Bone, Paws & Hearts Sweater
Email address
VickiDesigns at gmail dot com
NOTICE:  I will no longer be taking custom orders. I will offer ready made occasionally on this site.