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The Cocoa Schnauzer Design was used in a crocheted afghan design by Phyllis Ott. Beautiful work, Phyllis!! 

The Sugar Design was knitted in a pillow by Delores  Clifton.  Gorgeous, Delores!
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Email  photos of designs I knit for you or of  your work with Vicki Designs patterns and charts whether they are purchased ones or free ones. I'd love to display your work!
Dr. Julia & Mr. Dan Kaufman with Buddha 
showing their custom designed pillow.
Designed & Knitted by Vicki Meldrum @Vicki Designs
Delores modeling the Needlebeetle Sugar Design.
Designed  by Brenda Zuk & Knitted by Vicki Meldrum @Vicki Designs
Lori Bush modeling the Needlebeetle Bounce & Melanie Design.
Designed  by Brenda Zuk  of Needlebeetle & Knitted by Vicki Meldrum @Vicki Designs
Sue Webel modeling her custom sweater with Nick and Zoe on the front and Zac on her sleeve (who is at the Rainbow Bridge)
Designed & Knitted by Vicki Meldrum @Vicki Designs
The Goldie Design was knitted in a sweater by Sandy Furness.  Sandy added her own ball to the design. Wonderful, Sandy!
Valerie Coe modeling her Patriotic Schnauzer Sweater
with her schnauzer, Maestro
Back Design by Brenda Zuk &  Front & Sleeve Design & knitted by by Vicki Meldrum  @Vicki Designs