Abigail and Samantha Miller
Prince Lil' Abner Schultz
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Miss Daisy Mae Schultz
Jelly & Skittles Heater
Miss Cindy Landry
Miss Rikki Landry
Maggie & Tina Tucker
Spice   Schultz
Sweet Juliette stylin' in her Schnauzer Sweater.
Miss Barkley
Miss Savage
Sugar in his company logo sweater
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Cocoa Puff
Gracie Oliveira
Miss Eiren Burger
Miss Gracie Lee
Miss Abbianne Kroll
Miss Phoebe Siler
JJ Lauffer
Juliet Byers .
Baby Belle from the UK
Miss Cricket Burger
Astro Hardgrove
Miss Flame Overcash
Miss Breezie Eschenbacher
Maxie Graham 2003
Miss Hayleigh Papoi
Miss Kaitlyn Papoi
Mr. Oscar Rosenberg
Miss Ceili Rosenberg
StudMuffin Teddy
Teddy Bear
Captain Cocoa & Tactical Teddy
Miss Chiquita Cohee
Zac Ariga
Maxie Graham 2004
Growing up and getting bigger. Modeling his 2nd Santa Sweater
Domino Torre
Caramello Torre
Miss Whisper Bennett
Miss Chiquita Cohee
Miss Chiquita Cohee