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Custom Designed Hand Knits.  Sweaters can usually be finished in about 6 to 8 weeks depending on design.  I can chart an image of your own pet to knit into a sweater or pillow from a very CLEAR picture in a good close-up pose. If you have a clear, close-up  photo you can email it to me and I can see if it can be charted. Professional photos work well. I'm also a licensed vendor to knit Needlelbettle designs.  Click the Needlebeetle link above for the  breed design choices available. All Needlebeetle designs are  pullovers. Cardigans are available on my designs only. 
I also offer hand knits from a pattern of your choice.  I will sometimes have items that I have knitted as test patterns for sale on this site. Check back often.--Vicki Meldrum
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Any Needlebeetle pattern with design on front and back $375.
Front only: $325.  A design on lower sleeves of bones, paws and/or  hearts can be added for $25. XL sizes slightly higher.
Designs can also be done on vests. 
Designed by Vicki Meldrum for Sue Webel
Small:                    32-34
Medium:                 36-38
Large:     40-42

Add: $25.00 for larger sizes
XL :                        44-46
XXL:                        48-50
XXXL:                       52-54 

Available for Sweaters, Vests,  pillows or lapghans
Katie Bell
Available for Sweaters, Vests,  pillows or lapghans
Designed by Vicki Meldrum for Gale Kelly
Designed by Vicki Meldrum
Front & Sleeve design by Vicki Meldrum & Back design by Brenda Zuk. Knitted by Vicki for Valerie Coe
Knitted for Petra Siegal from Sweden
S-M-L $525 + shipping with Fur Detail
XL-XXL $550 + shipping
"Golden At Play"  Back
$375 introductory price
"Schnauzers in Pose"
Any combination of schnauzer designs shown here and elswhere on this site on a pullover or cardigan
Email for choices and prices
"Schnauzers in the Window" Normally a back design
Bones, Paw, Heart, Etc. Detail on sleevesCan be added at no extra charge on all sweaters
14K Patriotic Schnauzer Scarf
Designed for Valerie Coe
Scarf, Cardigan or Vest Designs available.
"When I Grow Up"
"Golden at Play"
Vest  Design
Sweetheart Yorkie Scarf

Email for design choice
and pricing

I am no longer taking Custom Human Sweater orders.  I will offer sweaters periodically that I have knitted in a certain size. When and if circumstances change, I will put a notice on this site.