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Vicki Meldrum -
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Wigs that were bought as backups that I will not wear and others that I tried to wear, but were not the right style or color for me.  Paypal or a money order.
No personal checks. Thank you for looking.
 Straight & Mid Length  Strawberry Blonde, silky fibers and some permatease in the top. A good wig to learn to steam and curl and bought from Wigsbuy.                                             
$45.00 Free Shipping
​     U.S. Only
Classic Bob in Strawberry Blonde. (Certain light. Mostly looks blonde) Bought at Wigsbuy, worn around the house for video, otherwise not worn. Soft fibers and no permatease.

    $40.00 Free shipping
​    U.S. only

Long & Wavy in color 27/30 bought from Wigsbuy. Shows darker in certain light with slight permatease at the top.
Open weft cap with closed cap at the top.
        $55.00  Free Shipping
         U.S. Only

Free with the purchase. If you don't want it, let me know when you purchase and I can donate or give it to someone else who will wear it.
Auburn Waves  Color #30, heat friendly, wefted cap and closed top with permatease. New, never worn. Bought as a back up with the order turned out to be the right color and a nice wig. Bought from Wigsbuy.

$75.00 Free Shipping      SOLD
 U.S. Only
Curly Girl  Color F27/30  This will be a new wig in the package. This is a wonderful curly wig that is human hair blend 50/50. Long lasting with proper care. More info on all these wigs in the video. This wig bought in the US.

$98 Free Shipping        SOLD
U. S. Only
More pictures will be available on request. I will answer any questions that you have and will "entertain" offers, but will not necessarily agree to the offer.  But, you don't know until you ask.  And I am willing to help a sister out on all but brand new wigs. Because, I will keep those backups if I can't sell them. P.S. I've stopped buying backups after the one I bought two days ago comes in. :-)